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Support & Expert Advice

The staff of Toner Express are very experienced and knowledgeable about Computer Printers and Photocopiers. We have years of experience specific to this industry.

Unlike computer salespeople or repair people, who often do not have much experience with printers, we are specialists in this area.

Many stationery suppliers sell toners and inks, but have inadequate knowledge of printers and cannot help if something goes wrong. If you buy your supplies from us you will get proper support and accurate advice.

We are happy to give free advice and support to our customers and to the general public, on the basis that this generates confidence and will ultimate create on-going business relationships. We want long-term loyalty and solid customer satisfaction.

Particularly we are eager to help people make informed, appropriate decisions when they buy equipment. Unfortunately, many people purchase equipment that is unable to do the work they really require - wrong specifications, too flimsy, cheap price, but cheap quality, and so on.

If you are considering upgrading your office equipment, we encourage you to call and discuss your needs. Phone 09 4485404.